Eaton/Cutler-Hammer Variable Frequency Drive

Variable frequency drives, also called adjustable frequency drives, adjust motor’s speed to match output requirements. Eaton VFD products save on energy up to 10 to 50 percent. Eaton provides an extensive line of adjustable frequency drives for OEM applications. Variable frequency drives fit the need for any industrial system providing reliability, efficiency, and precise motor control. Eaton VFD drives are easy to install and feature compact designs to fit in tight places.

Eaton/Cutler-Hammer carries several different drives including: OEM, HVAC, Industrial and Low Harmonic & Clean Power Solutions. Each drive offers a diverse series to fit motor control provisions, for example; (NFX900 Drives, M-MAX Series, SVX9000 Drives, SPX9000 Drives, H-MAZ Series Drives, CFX9000 Drives, LCX9000 Drives, SPA9000/SPN9000/SPL9000 Common Bus Drive Products and numerous others for specific applications).

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