Carlo Gavazzi Digital Panel Meters

Carlo Gavazzi Digital Panel Meters

In many automation and process control applications it is important to visually monitor and control variables such as temperature, vibration, pressure, etc.  A Carlo Gavazzi digital panel meter can perform these functions and more- it can provide analog and / or serial re-transmission of the measured value for feedback or data logging purposes. 

Cordyne offers a comprehensive range of Carlo Gavazzi Digital Panel Meters and digital displays (current meters, ammeters, voltmeters, frequency meters, temperature meters, temperature controllers, tachometers, rate meters) for OEM’s, Panel Builders, Instrumentation, and MRO customers.   Covering most input types (current / voltage / temperature / resistance / RPM), our digital panel meters are well suited for your display requirements.

Carlo Gavazzi Digital Panel Meters that Cordyne offers range from very basic indicators with no outputs (DI Series) to more complex types (UDM Series), which provide innovative features such as the multi color alarm display (also called the “traffic light” function) and the 16 point linearization feature for non – linear input signals.  With its modular design, the UDM Series offers great flexibility by providing any input / output combination.

The range also includes a cost effective Universal Signal Conditioner (USC Series), which is DIN- rail mounted modular device.  By sharing the same input / output modules as the UDM Series, it offers a tremendous number of measuring and control capabilities with a very limited number of modules being required.  Since these are modular meters, outputs can be added at any time in the field.  Remote monitoring via a PLC or PC is possible by inserting an RS485 communication module into the meter.  In this way many meters can be monitored without adding a lot of expensive analogue cards to your PLC.

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