Carlo Gavazzi Dupline

Dupline is a versatile bus for Industrial Applications. Dupline is used for transferring analogue and digital information over distances up to 10 km. It can be used stand-alone or as part of a PLC based control system. There are no special protocols to learn and all modules are simply and quickly configured with a small hand-held device. Dupline is used extensively in mining (ventilation, lighting, and conveyor control), elevators (for signal transmission), irrigation systems, water treatment facilities (signal monitoring, control), facility alarm systems, parking guidance systems, and in building automation (temperature and lighting control, security).

Dupline Hi-Line 

Carlo Gavazzi DuplineDupline Hi-Line is an irrigation converter that signals up to 64 valve I/O modules. This converter can be used for any type of Dupline channel generator, including Modbus interfaces and dedicated interfaces for most PLC brands. The Dupline Hi-Line is a two-wire cable that controls irrigation systems.

Dupline Fieldbus 

Dupline Fieldbus offers a wide range of applications water distribution, energy management railroad system, and many others. The system can run on a multiple digital transmitting cable with analog signals over several km, through ordinary 2-wire cable. The design of this component enables novices to implement its use  in a new or an existing applications.

Dupline CarPark

Carlo Gavazzi DuplineDupline Carpark guidance system consist of three main components including:

  • Ultra Sensor
  • Indicator Light
  • BCD Display

G21 Series

Open board, OEM transmitters, receivers, transceivers, and interfaces.  

G34 Series

Carlo Gavazzi Dupline FieldbusDIN mount channel generators, transmitters, receivers, transceivers, and interfaces.

G38 Series

Carlo Gavazzi Dupline G38 SeriesDIN mount channel generators, receivers, and interfaces.

Type D3892 0000

The Dupline Repeater is used to increase Dupline network. This component can be used as a “Power booster” in sections with several Dupline-supplied units.

Specialty Devices

Compact transmitters and transceivers offer an extensive line of specialty devices including:

  • 1 input self powered transmitter
  • 4 input self powered transmitter
  • 1 output self powered transmitter
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Counter
  • Channel indicator
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