Carlo Gavazzi Monitoring Controls

Carlo Gavazzi offers a comprehensive range of monitoring controls for monitoring of phase loss, incorrect phase sequence, phase unbalance, over/under current, over/under load, over/under frequency, and over/under voltage.

Our products include current monitors, voltage monitors, power monitors, phase loss relays, thermostat relays, and current transformers.

These monitors are used in a wide range of applications for protecting motors against the damaging effects of single phasing and overloads (elevators, compressors, pumps, air conditioning systems, mixing tanks). They are also used extensively for monitoring instrumentation signals (4-20mA, 0-10V), verification of machinery operation, detection of broken heater elements, monitoring of lights in critical areas (runway lights at airports), monitoring of ventilation fans, and in building automation systems.

Our range of products also includes standard current transformers (CTs), split-core current transformers, and CTs with analogue output.

DP  51/71 Series

Carlo Gavazzi Monitoring ControlsCompact current / Voltage/ Phase Monitors with relay output

DPA Series

Carlo Gavazzi Current MonitorsCurrent / Voltage / Phase Monitors with relay output

DPB Series

Carlo Gavazzi Voltage MonitorsCurrent / Voltage / Phase Monitors with relay output, adjustable hysteresis, and built in timer.

DPC Series

Carlo Gavazzi Power MonitorsCurrent/voltage/Phase Monitors with 2 relay outputs, adjustable hysterisis, and 2 built-in timers.

MI/MP Series

Carlo Gavazzi Phase Loss RelaysCarlo Gavazzi Phase Loss RelaysSingle and three phase current transformers for use with Carlo Gavazzi monitoring relays.

E83/A82 Series

Carlo Gavazzi Thermostat RelaysCurrent transformers with analogue output.

CTD Series

Carlo Gavazzi Current TransformersStandard current transformers with 0-5 Amp output.

CTD-S Series

Split core current transformers with 0-5 Amp output.

DER Series

DC Current Shunts.

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