GE Contactors & Starters


Contactors perform electrically operated single phase or three phase. Power switched that are joined with the appropriate overload relay, function as a full voltage non-reversing motor starter. Contactor lines include 4-pole contactors in two versions: 4NO from 25A TO 650A as a maximum current rating AC-1, and 2NO-2NC from 7.5hp to 50hp @ 460V. Contactors are user friendly and provide connections for powers on both side of the contactor. GE contactors offers a full range of contactors for NEMA, IEC and Lighting applications. Contactors can be used for a variety of industrial equipment including: air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, food processing, agricultural and several other applications.


GE has an extensive line of motor starters which include:

Definite Purpose Controls

  • CR454/CR354 Starters are used for Industrial equipment that include, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, food processing, agricultural and several different applications.

Solid-State Reduced Voltage

  • ASTAT XT Soft Starter is designed to perform reliably for standard AC motors which controls motor acceleration and deceleration, and reduces any damage or wear and tear on motors.
  • ASTAT XT Enclosed Soft Starter Panel designed to perform reliably for standard AC motors which control motor acceleration and deceleration. This component provides high performance torque and pump control and generator supply operations. The ASTAT XT’s helps reduce mechanical shock and peak power demands, which can help extend motor life. Applications may include, belted equipment, conveyors, fans and blowers, pumps and compressors.
  • ASTAT XT Solid State Reduced Voltage is designed for enclosed installations where air movement is not possible. This component performs for voltage ramps, kick-starts, current limiting, energy savings, thermistor inputs, soft stops, pump controls, DC injection breaking, communications, jog/slow speed and tachometer feedbacks.


  • Surion Manual Motor Starter applications include, individual, group, or combination installations. Surion Manual Motor Starters are rated by UL as a manual self-protected combination controller (TYPE E).  These applications provide short circuit protection for use of motors.
  • C-2000 Starter offers an extensive line of contactors, overload relays, enclosures, control transformers and pilot device to serve an application needed. These components feature easy installation, flexible configuration and better use of panel space.


  • CR330/CR331/CR332 Electro-Mechanical Reduced Voltage Starters features NEMA ratings, closed transitions, full range of sizes, open transitions, three-phase autotransformer, pneumatic industrial grade timers, and include combination starter forms for complete protection.
  • CR340/CR341 Full Voltage Pumping Panels are designed for outdoor installation that provides full-voltage control of squirrel-cage pump motors. Overload undervoltage and short-circuit protection is provided for full voltage pumping panels. These panels control motor driven pumps on a single system and automatically alternate motor operation under normal demand.
  • 300-Line Full Voltage Starters is NEMA rated and offers a complete full voltage non- reversing and multi-speed contactors and motor starters.
  • CR101/CR1062 Manual Full Voltage Starter manual motor starters provide reliable starting and overload protection for single-phase motor horsepower at (115 or 230 Volts). NEMA rated manual starters are designed for infrequent starting of a single-phase and polyphase motor up to 10 HP and are used for direct operation.
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