Electrical Controls & Assemblies Manufacturer

Cordyne is a leader in the design and manufacturing of controls and electrical assemblies. Our in-house Engineering/Manufacturing & Technical Support departments provide innovative, reliable solutions for every application and design for some of the most extreme environments. Our 30,000 square foot facility houses our manufacturing modifications and warehouse operation. To offer superior service support, Cordyne uses an integrated process derived from research and development, design engineering, production, and manufacturing. Our goal is to help every customer determine their specifications and deliver a required quotation in a timely manner. Our vision is to meet or exceed the lead times defined by our markets.

Line Card (PDF)

Cordyne Supplier Line Card

As our customer, we will strive to provide you with the most efficient service and the highest quality products available.

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Power Quality

Power Quality Products - Industrial Power Quality Equipment

We offer power quality services to all customers.

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Power Distribution

Electrical Distribution Equipment - Power Distribution Systems

We offer a wide range of equipment to distribute the necessary power to your load demands, safely.

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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Control Equipment - Renewable Energy Controls & Automations

We provide you with solutions and services that are environmental-friendly for your project applications.

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Automation & Development

Automated Control Systems

Our expertise in automation & development provides you with the latest technology and top of the line products.

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Motor & Starter Packages

Electric Motor Starters - Custom Industrial Motor Starters

We offer a variety of customized starters used in general, outdoor and corrosive environments.

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Custom Fabrication

Custom Control Systems - Custom Power Distribution Equipment

We specialize in building systems to your specification requirements.

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