Eaton 9355 UPS

Eaton 9355 UPS 10kVA to 30kVA


With the Eaton 9355 UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), data center managers can safely eliminate the effects of electrical line disturbances and guard the integrity of their systems and equipment. The 9355 is a true double-conversion, three-phase system that can be used to prevent loss of valuable electronic information and minimize equipment downtime. The 9355 offers scalability, high-efficiency, and superior power density. 


UPS Design

The 9355 UPS is available in 10 kVA and 20 kVA configurations. The 10 kVA UPS can be upgraded to 15 kVA and the 20 kVA UPS can be upgraded to 30 kVA. The Eaton 9355 UPS offers the smallest footprint of any comparable UPS.

Parallel Technology

Eaton's Powerware® Hot Sync® technology allows users to parallel up to four UPS towers. This allows for either redundancy or extra capacity. Eaton Powerware® Hot Sync® allows for the 9355 UPS to wirelessly coordinate to provide redundant backup power.

  • The 9355 continually monitors incoming electrical power
  • Removes the surges, spikes, sags
  • Removes irregularities that are inherent in commercial utility power
  • Works with a building’s electrical system
  • The 9355 supplies the clean, consistent power
  • Perfect for sensitive electronic equipment for reliable operation
  • Useful for brownouts, blackouts, and other power interruptions
  • Internal batteries provide emergency power to safeguard operation


  • Corporate
  • Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Industrial
  • Retail Applications


Power Rating 10 kVA, 15 kVA, 20 kVA, 30 kVA
Form Factor Small-footprint tower
Topology Double Conversion
Battery Backup Up to 22 minutes typical, extendable up to three hours Input
Voltage 208V/120V or 220V/127V
Output Voltage 208V/120V or 220V/127V 480V: 120V/208V or 600V: 120/208 with input isolation transformer (at 60 Hz only)
Frequency 50/60 Hz auto-sensing
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