Eaton Elevator Control Panelboard

Cordyne, Inc. distributes Eaton/Cutler-Hammer panelboards specifically for elevator control. These panelboards are designed to meet stringent requirements mandated by various building regulations and codes.These codes are in place to provide fire protection and safety within elevator carts and shafts. The benefit of having an elevator control panelboard is that you can trust the panelboard to comply with these stringent code requirements with respect to the electrical components and electrical communication systems. Additionally, the elevator control panelboard can save space and installation time while still appealing to the code regulations.

Panelboard Features

  • Elevator Control Panelboard is ideal for elevator installations that require one single feeder with multiple carts within the same elevator shaft
  • 30–200A, 240 Vac and 600 Vac fused switch to feed the elevator cart
  • 1NO and 1NC 120 Vac class mechanically interlocked auxiliary contact for hydraulic elevators with automatic recall
  • Enough space provided for control wiring and power conductors

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