Custom Explosion Proof Enclosures & Nema 7 Enclosures

Cordyne, Inc. is a custom engineering and fabrication company specializing in the construction and packaging of control and power distribution equipment. We build custom enclosures for corrosive and outdoor environments as well as for hazardous locations. We can meet your project requirements along with NEMA and IP ratings for domestic and international use. We can design, engineer and fabricate your explosion-proof enclosure to fit your unique needs.

Nema 7 Enclosures

Nema 7 standards are for hazardous environments. Nema 7 enclosures are for indoor use in Class I, Groups A, B, C, and D environments as defined in the NEC. Nema 7 Enclosures are designed to contain an internal explosion without causing an external hazard.

Cordyne can custom engineer and fabricate NEMA 7 enclosures.

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