Hammond Manufacturing Climate Control

Climate control plays a major role in today’s control systems. In order to manage the use of micro-electronics, it’s an important priority when controlling temperature to maintain a reliable performance. In order to correctly sustain temperature inside an enclosure, it must combined circulation of both cooling and heating to protect against costly system failures.

Filter Fans

Filter Fans provide an economical fan cooling method for industrial cabinets to ensure enclosures do not overheat. Filtered passive ventilation is supplied by an exhaust filter for convection cooling or a fan forced air cooling system.


Heating power is programmed to provide electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical equipment with protection of low temperatures, condensation and corrosion. Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC), heater unit controls a solid temperature environment for enclosures, this allows critical components to execute safely and properly for long periods of time. Heating power is designed to adjust to the temperature for a secure and reliable course.

High BTU

High BTU is designed for side mounting on any enclosure surface, where hot spot cooling or low capacity cooling is required.  The closed loop cooling system ensures clean enclosed air and is circulated throughout system without mixing it with contaminated ambient air.

Side Mountings

The side mounting series offers a variety of different enclosures, where hot spot cooling or low capacity cooling is required. The closed loop cooling system ensures clean enclosed air and is circulated throughout system without mixing contaminated ambient air.

Breather Kits

Breather Kit accessories are provided for controlled pressured compensations due to temperature variations.

Electronic Humidity and Temperature Control

Electronic Humidity and Temperature Control, provides air temperature, humidity control, electrical monitoring and electronic enclosures. Its versatile design is effective in ATM’S, Parking control gates, ticket dispensers and traffic control systems, where the systems is constantly exposed to a wide range of weather changes.

Mechanical Humidistat

Mechanical Humidistat works at temperatures 30-140 degrees and detects the preset level of humidity from the control of heater or fans.

Packaged Blowers

Packaged Blowers are engineered for performance and built for reliability. Blowers use filtered airflow to cool components inside of the enclosure. To increase the performance of a blower, a second exhaust filter can be added. For best results, it is recommended that an exhaust filter be added in both the blower and the filter fan. If used, this will act both as an exhaust point for hot internal air and support the pressurization of the enclosure and reduces the risk of unfiltered air to enter in the enclosure.

Rainproof Ventilators

A rainproof ventilator is designed to balance internal/external pressure and temperature. Ventilators prevent condensation by allowing enclosures to breath. The Ventilator is molded in corrosion resistant thermal set plastic to avoid any type of oxidation.


Thermostats are designed to control the air temperature within monitoring cabinets. Thermostat NC (Normally Closed) is for the control of heaters and heater fans. Thermostat NO (Normally Open) is for the control of cooling units, or for switching signal transmitters in case of overheating.

Top Mounting DTT Series 4500 BTU/H

Top mounting is designed to perform closed loop cooling air to ensure clean enclosed air. Air is circulated within enclosure and contained to prevent from traveling outside in ambient air.

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