Hammond Power Solutions Control Transformers

Control Transformers are isolated transformers designed to provide a high degree of secondary voltage stability during an inrush current.  The device is used to lower voltages, which then is used to operate the control or switching components of the main circuit. Control Transformers are also known as Machine Tool Transformers, Industrial Control Transformers or Control Power Transformers.

Enclosed Q Series Encapsulated Control Transformers

HPS Fusion General Purpose Enclosed Transformer are suitable for HVAC applications, signal and alarm systems, motor control circuits, lighting, circuit isolation, general purpose, industrial and light duty loads. They are designed for indoor use and offer a reliable and efficient, economical solution.

A Single Phased Enclosed Encapsulated Control Transformer (Q Series) is applicable for indoor and outdoor use. Generally applied to enclosed control applications and used to adjust supply voltages that match a specific load requirement. Encapsulated transformer supplies machine tool circuits, actuating relays, bells, signals and alarm systems. This component operates small motors, valves and dampers, industrial lighting and circuit isolation.

Industrial Open Core and Coil Transformers-Fusion Series

The HPS fusion general purpose enclosed transformer is designed for indoor applications and offer a reliable, efficient economical solution for specific applications. These units are applicable for HVAC, signals, alarm systems, motor control circuits, lighting and circuit isolations. The Fusion control transformer is an enclosed unit with modeled terminal blocks up to 3000VA or 30 amps, or coil face termination.

Industrial Open Core and Coil Transformers-Spartan Series

The HPS Spartan line of industrial control transformers are used for general purpose, industrial and light duty load applications. Designed for HVAC applications, signal and alarm systems, motor control circuits, lighting, and circuit isolation. This component is a good source for economical purposes.

Machine Tool Industrial Control Transformers-Imperator Series

The HPS Imperator line is designed to meet high inrush industrial applications, where electromagnetic components such as relays, solenoids and other components are used. The design utilizes insulation systems and being engineered with high quality silicon steel laminations for a most selective performance. The HPS Imperator provides a great solution for any industrial application.

Medium Voltage Industrial Control Transformers-MVC Series

MVC series transformers are designed for industrial control applications used to adjust a medium voltage supply of 2400V to 7200V to provide a low voltage of 120/240V load requirement.

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