Hammond Manufacturing Operator Interface Enclosures

Console Cabinets

Series 2000 Modular Console System-NEMA 12,4,4X Consolet supplies an economical housing system for operator interface applications. Panel mountings and casters are available for a variety of applications.

Polyester Modular Enclosures

Polyester Modular Enclosures-NEMA 4, 4X PJ Series-Solid Cover & Inline Pushbutton Enclosures are designed specifically for housing instrument enclosures, electric, hydraulic or pneumatic controls.  Modular Enclosures also provide areas for electrical junction boxes or terminal wiring enclosures. The PJ Series is equipped with a good source of insulation and protection from environmental damage. Enclosure product can withstand high temperatures or highly corrosive environments.

Pushbutton Enclosures

hammond manufacturing push button enclosureThe Pushbutton-NEMA 4,4X 1435/1435M Stainless steel series Enclosure is designed for standard heavy duty oil tight pushbuttons, switches and pilot lights. Component has a protective shell to resist from dirt, dust, oil and large amounts of water from any angle or where highly corrosive conditions exist.

Series 2000

Series 2000 Modular Console System –NEMA 12,4,4X Base Units are used with other modular console components such as ( another base, terminal, desk and turret).  This series offers a flexible design for panel mount or rack mount capabilities. This component is available in single or dual access formats.

hammond manufacturing console cabinets

Base Units

hammond base units

Deck Units

hammond manufacturing deck units

Turret Units

hammond turret units


hammond consolet enclosure


Eclipse Command System

The Eclipse Command System-NEMA 12 Command Enclosure is designed to enclose electronic controls, instruments and components in indoor environments. This component is best used for suspension systems and multiple mounting and full front mounting for operator interface.

Heavy Duty 50 mm & 80 mm Suspension System

NEMA 12, 13 Suspension Systems are designed for medium and heavy loads. The strength of component and cast fittings provide a highly flexible robust system.

Polycarbonated Modular Enclosures-1554 Pushbutton Lift-Off Cover Series

Hammond Operator Interface EnclosuresNEMA 4, 4X Polycarbonate Modular Enclosures are designed for mounting printed circuit boards or DIN rail mounted components. This enclosure is a heavy duty for larger amounts of mounting component weight.

Tara Plus Suspension System

This Suspension System is designed for light and medium loads, strength is highly flexible for specific weight amounts.

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