Hammond Power Solutions Encapsulated Transformers

Encapsulated Transformers for Hazardous Locations-Fortress

HPS Fortress features an innovative design that provides the best solution for commercial applications.  Units are encapsulated with electrical grade silica sand and resin compounds.  Units enclose the core and coil, which seal out moisture, airborne contaminants and eliminates corrosion and deterioration.  Applications offer high quality design, easy installation and low cost.

Encapsulated Transformers for Hazardous Locations-Titan

HPS Titan encapsulated transformers is a line that has been designed for installation where safety is key, efficiency is very important and a concern to the environment, location and application is a priority. The HPS Titan line serves institutional, industrial, petrochemical, marine, mining etc. Designs include safe performance, compact and efficient design, and easy installation hook-up.

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