Hammond Power Solutions Low Voltage Transformers

Energy Efficient Low Voltage Distribution Transformers-Centurion

HPS Centurion Energy Efficient, Harmonic Mitigating Transformers are K rated. Harmonic mitigating transformers are conventional that reduce voltage distortion and power losses from current harmonics created by single-phase, non-linear loads such as computer equipment. The Centurion Series is engineered to prevent flat-topping caused by linear loads, reduce upstream harmonic currents, save energy by reducing harmonic losses and improve Upstream Total Power Factor etc.

Energy Efficient Low Voltage Distribution Transformers-Sentinel

The Sentinel Energy Efficient Low Voltage Distribution Transformer is designed for 600V and below. Component is used for supplying appliance, lighting, heating, motorized machine and power loads from electrical distribution systems.  All standard energy efficient distribution transformers for non-linear loads have to be derated for additional heat which can be due to harmonic losses.

Energy Efficient Low Voltage Distribution Transformers-Synergy

Energy Efficient K-Factor Transformers are engineered to handle heating due to harmonics associated with non-linear loads. Harmonics can indicate non- linear loads from overheating, device malfunctions, telephone interference, equipment vibration, and breakers tripping. The K-rated transformer is designed to prevent failure from overheating, a 200% rated neutral and full electrostatic shield. K-factor is used to recognize transformers for non-linear loads.

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