Hammond Power Solutions Medium Voltage Transformers

Energy Efficient Medium Voltage Distribution Transformers-Millennium

HPS Millennium Energy Efficient Medium Voltage Distribution Transformers are designed for utilizing high voltages for commercial, institutional, or industrial applications. HPS Millennium is rated for 601V and up. NEMA 3R ventilated component is constructed for indoor and outdoor use.

Dry-Type Medium Voltage Distribution Power Transformers-HPWR

HPS Dry-Type Medium Voltage (Power HPWR) Transformers are designed for higher levels of quality ensured service and reliable HPS transformer products. HPS Dry-Type transformers are engineered for a variety of economical conditions, inside or outside applications. HPS Dry-Type transformers are also built for drilling platforms, in network vaults and in every location where airborne containments create a risk to electrical equipment.

Motor Starting Autotransformers

Three Phase Motor Starting Autotransformers are significant components of a motor controllers and protect against over voltages and under voltages. A standard full-voltage magnetic starter places a full voltage across the motor’s windings on startup and maintain full voltage at the motor during the run mode.  For larger motors where loads are connected effects of motor-starting inrush can stress the electrical system which can cause the system to lower currents within the distribution network. This may cause disruption or damage to the system, in which reduce voltage starting must be applied. The 2A and 3A product line is designed for Medium Duty service including applications for drive loads such as pumps, compressors, conveyors and fans. These units are produced in accordance with NEMA Industrial Controls and Systems.

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