Industries Served

We offer solutions for all industries. We engineer custom assemblies to suit all your electrical and control needs. Our team strives to meet your individual application and design requirements. We are committed to engineering, technology and consistently progressing throughout our industry. We are proud to say that we are a leader in the design and manufacturing of controls and electrical equipment. We have developed an integrated process from research and development through design, engineering, production and manufacturing so that we can offer market service and support to a wide range of industries.

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy Design

Our commitment is to help our partners and customers implement and design alternative energy solutions for their project needs.

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Power Automation Systems

Our automation systems are of excellence because of our commitment to engineering and technology.

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Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction Energy Management

We offer a variety of services to commercial construction.

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Dredging & Aggregates

Dredging Vessels Automation Systems - Dredge Control & Monitoring

We provide systems for all types of dredging vessels.

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Drilling Control Systems - Drilling Electrical Components

We strive to maintain a strong reputation with our manufacturing and electrical engineering.

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Farm & Agriculture

Electrical Solutions Farm & Agriculture Industry

We offer a wide range of electrical solutions for the farm and agriculture industry.

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Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage Control Solutions

We offer electrical and manufacturing services for the food and beverage industry.

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HVAC Industry Climate Control System

We provide specific components for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning industries.

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Industrial Machinery

Industrial Machinery Control Systems - Machinery Relay Control

We are a large provider with vast experience in industrial machinery services.

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Irrigation Control Systems

We are a diversified electrical distributor & manufacturing company that provides solutions for the Irrigation industry.

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Marine Control Systems

We have carried out numerous services for the marine industry.

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Mining Power Distribution Systems

We have the capability to provide you with power distribution systems, MCC's and many other products for your mining applications.

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Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power Industry Electronic Components

We provide systems and products with electronic components that are designed for the Nuclear Power Industry.

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Oil & Gas

Offshore Electrical Parts Distributor

We provide an integrated cabling solution for your oil and gas needs.

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Petrochemical & Refining

Petrochemical and Refining Solutions

We provide you with main applications for petrochemical & refining in the electrical industry.

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Process & Well Control

Oil Well Control Equipment

We provide well control management for oil rigs and drilling process.

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Pulp & Paper

Pulp and Paper Mill Safety Products

We serve the Pulp & Paper industry by providing a variety of applications.

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Telecommunications Sensors Signals - Telecommunications SCADA

Our applications serve the telecommunications industry throughout different applications provided for our customers.

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Traction Motor Services - AC & DC Traction Motors

We are capable of designing AC/DC electric motors which provides rotational torque of a machine.

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Utilities Industry Electrical Installation Design

We are dedicated to providing quality services. We focus on improving operations in the utility industry for our customers benefit.

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Water Treatment & Sewage

Water Treatment & Sewage Electrical Engineering

We provide mechanical and electrical engineering support for small and large systems.

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