Killark Hazardous Locations Fittings

ENY / EY / EYS / EYD Series

These fittings are able to minimize the passage of flames from electrical installation to another through the conduit system.

GE Series

GE Series conduit boxes with aluminum outlet bodies with terminal blocks are installed in conduit systems with hazardous areas to:

  • Protect conductors in threaded rigid conduit
  • Act as pull and splice boxes
  • Change conduit direction
  • Provide access to conductors for maintenance and future system changes
  • Used to link electrical wires. Primary circuit brought into the enclosure is distributed to field control devices or sensors.

X / XALB Series

Killark Hazardous Locations FittingsThe XALB Series is designed to permit straight pulls of heavy cable. The X Series features integral brushings, easy access covers, six hub styles and come in sizes ½”, ¾”, 1 “.

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