Eaton Lighting Contactors

Eaton open control lighting contactors is most likely to be used when a contactor will not switch to an off position during a control power failure or situation. This product is electrically and mechanically held and has a multi-function application. The C30CNM Application can be applied to industrial locations, office buildings, airports and more. These lighting contactors are energy efficient and designed to handle different load types such as, tungsten, ballast, high intensity discharge(HID), Non-motor AC resistive and single-and three-phase motor ratings.

CN35 electrically held open control, Eaton lighting contactors are designed for switching to tungsten, incandescent or ballast lighting. The CN35 lighting contactor provides control on applications such as industrial plants, stadiums, parks and new construction with lighting control.  A202 magnetically latched open control lighting contactors provide safe and convenient resources for local remote switching on large tungsten, fluorescent and mercury arc lamp loads.

These Lighting contactors are built to withstand large initial inrush current of tungsten lamp loads without contact welding. A202 applications can be effective in areas such as office buildings, industrial plants, hospitals, stadiums and airports. Most all lighting contactors are easy to install and simple to maintain.

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