Eaton Motor Protection & Monitoring

Eaton offers two different monitoring relays, CurrentWatch Series and the D65C Series. The CurrentWatch ECS and ECSJ Series is categorized in with solid-state adjustable current switches. The D65C Series Current Monitoring relays monitor AC Single-phase currents for over conditions in three different ranges; 0.1-1a.0.5-5A and 1-10a. External current transformer can be used to extend the range of a product. Separate 24V OR 12Vac is essential to power this unit.

The D65 Series phase monitoring relay provides protection against any prior equipment failures that are caused by voltage faults on three-phase systems. The D65 Series voltage monitoring relays monitor AC single-phase (50/60 HZ) or DC voltages to protect equipment against voltage fault conditions. Eaton offers two different series of ground fault monitoring relays, D64R digital ground fault relays and Microprocessor-based D64R GFRs, which combine features into a single model. Motor protection circuit breakers (MPCB), eliminate needs for separate overload relays and can be used with contactor, and still create manual motor control.

Other manual motor protection includes; the XT family (XTPB, XTPR and XTPE). These motor protectors can be used on Motor Protective Circuit Breakers, Manual Motor Protectors and Individual Branch Motor Applications.

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