Eaton Lighting & Distribution Panelboards

Eaton is the industry leader in panelboards, they are ideal for system upgrades in commercial and industrial facilities. Panelboards provide ratings, features, and performance that meets the needs of consultants and contractors.

EZ Box and EZ Trim

Eaton’s EZ™ Box and EZ™ Trim have been designed for safer, faster, and more secure installations. The EZ Box and EZ Trim are standard for Pow-R-Line 1a, 2a, and 3a mid-range panelboards.

Pow-R-Line C Panelboards

The Power-R-Line C Panelboards are designed for sequence phase connections of branch circuit devices. Allowing circuit arrangements to be more flexible and balanced for the electrical loads on each phase.

Elevator Control Panelboard

Eaton’s elevator control panelboards are designed to meet multiple building codes. These codes are to provide safety, and fire protection within elevator shafts.


Eaton’s Pow-R-Command Panelboards are designed to meet lighting control needs for buildings of all sizes and complexity. The panelboard design allows the Pow-R-Command lighting control system to meet short-circuit ratings, as required by the NEC. The Pow-R-Command branch wiring, power wiring, and panelboard mounting are the same as in traditional panelboards.

Metering Service Sections

Metering Service Sections are three-phase three wire single-phase three-wire. These applications are designed for areas where the disconnect and current transformer combination is required by utilities. Components are suitable for Service Entrance Equipment, with top to bottom entrance.

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