Toshiba Power Apparatus & Components (PAC)

Toshiba Power Apparatus & Components(PAC) features components and assemblies for your project specifications and applications

Toshiba Components include Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Vacuum Contactors and Electronic Relays.

Vacuum Circuit Breakers which are designed for Vacuum technology and are used for breaker applications. Vacuum Circuit Breakers offer the HV6 Series, VZ Series, VK/HVK Series, VJB Series and VHA Series.

Vacuum Contactor Components are available in series, HCV-5HA(L), HCV-6KA(L)U, HCV-/1JBU/1KAU and CV-10. These series are 1.5kV-15 kV voltage, 320A-720A current ratings.

Electronic Relay Components are used for motor protection, temperature monitoring and current sensing and is available in Model RC820.

Assemblies offer Medium Voltage(MV) JK Starters, MV JK Solid State Starters, MV JK OEM Power Cells and Low Voltage Solid State Starters.

Medium Voltage JK Starters are designed for use as a controller for transformers and capacitor seitching, as well as an induction, wound rotor and synchronous motor starter. This engineered assembly can be configured as individual controllers/starters or in control center lineups with incoming disconnect switches or in conjunction (bussed) with our HVK switchgear.

Toshiba JK Series is available in the following types:

  • Full Voltage Non-Reversing (FVNR)
  • Full Voltage Reversing (FVR)
  • Reduced Voltage Autotransformer (RVAT)
  • Solid State Starter (SSS)

Medium Voltage Solid State Starters provide control and are designed for tough applications including: Soft Start Control for smooth starting and reduced inrush. This assembly features the following:

  • Soft Start
  • Motor Overload Protection (Solid State)
  • 125% Continuous
  • 500% -60 seconds, 600%-30 seconds
  • Vacuum Bypass Contactor

Control Display includes:

  • Digital Microprocessor
  • LCD Status and Alarm Display with 12 LEDs

Low Voltage Solid State Starters (LV SSS) offers advanced motor protection and control for customers that have a problem starting the motor across the line. This is the solution for mechanical and electrical problems. This assembly will eliminate wear and damage from full voltage starting and reduce line disturbances  and voltage drop caused by starting large loads.

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