Carlo Gavazzi Sensors

Photoelectric Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi Photoelectric SensorsCarlo Gavazzi offers a large range of photoelectric sensors which are designed for packaging machinery, automatic door systems, factory automation, and car washes. The VP series is uses for all optical types and ideal for level applications. These sensors are available in various housing materials which allow their use in industrial cleaning.

Magnetic Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi Magnetic SensorsCarlo Gavazzi offers a large comprehensive range of magnets sensors for the use of proximity detection applications. When the sensor approaches the magnet, the output from the sensor will change state. The magnetic sensors will most likely have a longer sensing distance than a typical proximity sensor. The output will be mechanical contact. There are several styles of magnets and sensors for the use of safety applications. Magnetic sensors are most often used on elevators and lifts, gate control, level detection, and access control.

Ultrasonic Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi Ultrasonic SensorsUltrasonic sensors are designed for both distance measurement and object detection in harsh environments. Ranges consist of M18 and M30 housings. Analogue output types are available on ultrasonic sensors for applications that require a measurement of the target object, such as detecting the level of fluid in a tank. The analogue models are produced in 01-10 VDC or 4-20 mA outputs.

Environmental Sensors

Carlo Gavazzi Environmental SensorsCarlo Gavazzi offers a broad range of environmental sensors monitoring of CO2, relative humidity (RH), temperature and air velocity. Environmental sensors are designed to detect levels and provide an output to a controller or BAS. They are usually used in areas such as office buildings, schools, green houses, museums and incubators. Anemometers and wind direction sensors have a pulse output for input into a PLC or controller. Anemometers and wind sensors are designed to monitor wind speed in wind farms, bridges, fountains and solar installations. These sensors are used in most environments as they are sealed against dust and feature a built-in heater to prevent freezing of rotational parts.

Inductive Sensors & Inductive Proximity Switches

Carlo Gavazzi Inductive SensorsCarlo Gavazzi Inductive Proximity SwitchesCarlo Gavazzi offers an extensive range of inductive and proximity switches. Inductive sensors are designed to detect metal parts and objects. These sensors are use in packaging plastics machines, assembly lines and conveyor systems. Inductive sensors and proximity switches feature both digital (SCR, transistor) and analogue outputs. Inductive sensors are in a cylindrical housing with both standard and extended sensing distance and in flat-pack housing.

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