Sprecher + Schuh Disconnect Switches

L7 Series Motor Disconnect Switches

The L7 series motor disconnect switches are compact, reliable and ideal for disconnect applications including motor disconnects per UL-508 Part III.  This series are available in four frame sizes up to 100 amps. The smaller L7s come in six pole models and three pole changeover switches. The L7 series is a full line of switch handles and accessories including auxiliary contact blocks. These disconnect switches are designed to tackle any disconnect duty.

L7 Features:

  • IP20 Touch Safe
  • Modular, flexible and easy assembly
  • Universal frame sizes to fit every auxiliary contact block
  • Metal and plastic shaft extension system for most panel depths
  • UL listed (UL508, Part III)
  • CSA approved
  • C22.2 No. 14
  • CE and IEC 947-1
  • Internationally standard approved

L11 Series Disconnect Switches

The L11 series disconnect switches are fusible and non-fusible switches which complies with UL98 service entrance requirements and it is NFPA 79 complaint. This series is suitable for applications that require small panel space and short circuit protection. L11 disconnect switches are rated up to 60A and can be operated up to 600V. They protect motors up to 30HP at 460V and can be installed on circuits that deliver up to 200,000A of short circuit fault current levels. These rod-operated disconnect switches incorporate removable fuse carriers with optional neon blown fuse indicator carrier.

L11 Series Features:

  • UL98 circuit protection
  • Short circuit protection for downstream equipment
  • Modular universal internal handle for test mode use
  • UL508 and NFPA 79 compliance
  • Removable fuse carriers with dead-front switch protection during fuse change-out
  • UL Listed, CSA, CE, IEC 947-3, and applicable NEMA requirements

L10 Series Disconnect Switches

The L10 series disconnect switches are fusible and non-fusible switches that are rated to 400A and operated at up to 600V. These disconnect switches require small panel space and short circuit protection. L10 disconnects are capable of protecting motors up to 250HP at 460V and are able to deliver 100,000A of short circuit fault current. L10 series are designed to provide short-circuit protection for downstream equipment. This series is suitable for use in service entrance applications. Universal auxiliary blocks fit all frame sizes; frame sizes use same operating handles and shafts. On-board fuse carriers also eliminate the need for extra components while reducing panel space requirements. L10 disconnect switches are UL98, UL Listed, CSA and are engineered to meet IEC 947-3, and applicable NEMA requirements.


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