Sprecher + Schuh Pilot Devices

D7 Series Pushbuttons

The D7 series pushbuttons are come in two different types to meet each application. Both operators are designed for harsh environments and deliver a high performance.

The D7P operator is a black plastic with a captive bezel and are constructed with high-grade thermoplastics that allow for the device to with stand harsh environments. The D7M operator is designed for more tough applications. The D7M is die-cast metal with a shiny metal captive bezel, and has a chrome plated finish. These devices are made easy for installation and offers an anti-rotation tab which keeps the front elements from turning or falling off the control panel. A central mounting ring is also applied for quick installation and removal.  All back-of-panel components including contact blocks and power module elements snap-on and are accessible and interchangeable without removing pilot device from the panel.

D7 Pushbutton Series Features:

  • Tool-less mounting latch (plastic or metal)
  • Easy installation
  • Mounting is quick, reliable and strong
  • Long electrical and mechanical life (500,000 cycles at 3A to ten million at 0.1A)
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • IP66 Protection against submersion, oil and dirt
  • Heavy-Duty Ratings- UL46E, NEMA A600 and Q600 listed
  • 10 Amp continuous current rating for all industrial control needs
  • Screw-less terminals  available
  • Latch mounted screw type dual circuit contact block available
  • Molded inscription caps/diffuser
  • Laser engraved caps/diffuser
  • Touch-safe component with IP20 protection
  • 11-year LED Module
  • Colored lenses and caps available in many colors

 D7 Series Selector Switches

The D7 series selector switches come in

  • Two-Position, Non-Illuminated
  • Three-Position, Non-Illuminated
  • Four-Position, Non-Illuminated
  • Two-Position, Illuminated
  • Three-Position, Illuminated
  • Two-Position Key Operated
  • Three-Position Key Operated

Example of D7P and D7M Two-Position Selector Switches, Non-Illuminated

Operator Construction

Operator Type

Operator Function

Knob Color

Mounting Latch


D7P-Plastic with Plastic Bezel


S-Standard knob

M2- Maintained 60° switching angle

2- Black knob, white insert

P-Plastic latch (D7P and D7M offered with plastic latch as standard)

X10- 1NO

X01- 1NC

X20- 2NO

X02- 2NC

D7M-Metal Operator with Metal Bezel

H- Long knob

L2- Spring return for left, 60°


M- Metal Latch




R2-Spring return from right, 60°





D7 Series Indicating Lights

The D7 series indicating lights are available in plastic or metal with a diffuser style lens and a metal or plastic mounting latch. Lens color are available in, amber, green, red, yellow, blue or clear.

Separate Component Features:

  • Plastic or Metal operator with blank diffuser
  • Laser engraved inscription diffuser caps
  • Tool-less mounting latch
  • Power module, incandescent or LED
  • Lamps, incandescent or neon
  • Replacement color lens cap with blank diffuser

 D7 Series Reset Operators

The D7 series reset operators are available in plastic or metal with “R” for reset and come in white, black or blue. Rod lengths vary from, 1.57” to 12.85”.

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