Eaton Switchboards

Group-Mounted Switchboards

  • Pow-R-Line Distribution Switchboards- combine a space-saving design with modular construction and increased system ratings to provide economical and dependable electrical system distribution.
  • Commercial Metering Switchboards- provides an electrical system distribution and metering shopping centers, office buildings and other commercial multi-metering applications. Construction features switchboards incorporate metering sections with tenant feeder circuits using meter sockets to meet local utility or customer requirements.

Integrated Facility Switchboards

Mounted switchboard designed to integrate separate electrical distribution and control equipment into a single space-saving factory assembled and connected package. The service entrance equipment can be integrated with multiple lighting and appliance branch panelboards into a compact front-accessible group-mounted switchboard. The switchboard is designed to reduce equipment space, installation time and costs.

Compartmentalized Switchboards

Compartmentalized Switchboards are engineered for applications with a greater degree of safety. A wide variety of configurations is possible, including utility metering, main devices, branch devices, accessories and enclosures.

Instant Service Switchboards

Instant Service Switchboards are designed for utility metering provisions with a fused main switch in a single compact section that can include distribution panel for feeder and branch circuit breakers.

Roll-Up Generator Termination Box

Eaton’s roll-up generator termination boxes (RUGTB) are designed as an intermediate termination cabinet between temporary, portable roll-up generator and the facility being served. Component includes line terminations for temporary connections of the portable generator and permanent connections on the load side to the secondary disconnect in the facility, which is interlocked with the main over-current to insure that only one main generator can be energized all at one time.

Multipoint Tenant Submetering

PRC7000-Tenant Submetering combines the PRC7000, the IQ Multipoint Energy Submeter II and Integrated Facility System (IFS) to provide a space-saving, lower cost, energy efficient tabulation system for commercial metering installations.

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