Eaton/Cutler-Hammer Terminal Blocks, Fuse Blocks and Fuse Holders

IEC-XB Series

The XB Series offers a complete terminal block system with a universal range of accessories. The terminal block is designed for a variety of terminal block types together or individually, providing the highest degree of flexibility.


C381 Series Terminal Blocks and Rail Mountings

  • 600V 
  • Snap-Fit nylon
  • Control circuit blocks
  • Power circuit blocks
  • Fuse blocks
  • Switch blocks

TB Series Terminal Blocks/Modular

TBA and TBD modular terminal blocks are designed to conserve space, while allowing maximum flexibility. Terminal blocks are available in 1-3-pole circuits and designed is based on 5/8 in (15.9 mm) modules.

Power Distribution

The CHDB Series of Power Distribution Blocks are designed for high short circuit current rating (SCCR) applications up to 200,000. Assembly meets UL 1953 requirements for feeder circuits, UL 508A industrial control panels, and provide significant wiring flexibility. Component is designed in a three-pole open style and single-pole enclosed style with a variety of terminal arrangements and current-carry capability up to 570 amperes.

Fuse Blocks and Fuse Holders

Available in compact (C383) style and open (C350) design. Fuse blocks and fuse holders provide a simple DIN mounting device for protection in control circuits.

C 383 Series Disconnect Fuse Holders

Offers a 600V fused circuit protection and subsequently “no load” switching. These Compact disconnects are designed as components in switchboards, panels and control consoles where positive and safe circuit protection is required and where space is at a premium.

C350 Series Fuse Blocks and W Series Fuse Holders

  • Space-saving Fuse Blocks
  • UL approved for motor loads Fuse Blocks
  • 600V, 30A rated Fuse Blocks
  • Class H,M and R Fuse Holders
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