Toshiba Motors

Oil Pump Motors

Toshiba’s Oil Well Pump motor series is designed to handle harsh environments including installations in remote locations. Motors are engineered for oil industry use and offer a high-slip, high-torque design with protective screens to safeguard against outdoor elements. This component is corrosion resistant and highly structural, it is reliable and durable.

Vector Ready Motors

Toshiba’s Vector motor series is engineered for more extreme operational requirements for today’s variable speed applications. The EQPIII is built as a base for this motor product and designed to withstand aggressive environment that requires tight vector control such as, material handling, conveyor and machine tooling and several other process-oriented applications. This component is built for indoor and outdoor inverter operation and is not intended for conventional process.

Quarry Duty Motors

Toshiba's Quarry Duty motor series can exceed extreme demands of the cement and aggregate industries. Quarry duty motors utilize enclosed fan cooling designs and provide Design C torque, oversized superior-grade roller bearings, and shafts built with high strength 4142 steel. The roller bearings on the motor’s drive-end allows heavy radial loads with belt-driven applications. This motor series exceeds NEMA MG1 Part 31 requirements and is designed for horizontal, vertical, indoor or outdoor applications.

XT Explosion Proof Motors

The Explosion Proof motor series is designed to meet UL and CSA Listed Hazardous Locations requirements. This component is built for indoor and outdoor use and is designed to withstand harsh environments and applications.

Vertical P-Base Motors

Toshiba's Vertical P-Base motor series is designed to for petrochemical and material processing industries. This product line is built to withstand the harshest conditions and offers some of the highest efficiency and torque ratings, which allows components to have a longer life and greater liability. This design meets API 610 specifications for chemical processing applications and all motors include patent-pending lubrication improved flow and circulation of grease and oil for a longer more bearing life. This series is engineered to allow for indoor and outdoor applications exceeding NEMA MG1 Part 31 requirement, and is offered in standard and premium efficiencies.

Toshwash SS Motors

The Toshwash SS motor series is designed for food and pharmaceutical industries. This series can endure daily hot cleaning solutions and pressure washing and is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The Toshwash SS is a tough washdown duty motor that approaches five times the normal life cycle of other applications requiring frequent washdowns. This motor series exceeds NEMA MG1 Part 31 requirements.

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