Toshiba PLC (Programmable Logic Controller)

GWY-300 Series

The Gateway is a protocol converter that allows a device with a modbus RTU protocol to talk to a Toshiba T-Series PLC. The Gateway software is designed to communicate and registers between devices and controllers to registers in Toshiba PLC.

OIS40 R Keypads

The OIS40R is the same OIS (Operator Interface Station) as the OIS40 except that the PLC communication port is selectable, RS232 or RS485. As a result, its location is not limited to the 2 m maximum distance from the PLC like the OIS40. It can be located up to 1000 m (a little over ½ mile) from the PLC.

Another new feature on the OIS40R is that the keypad overlay is included separately. The overlay can easily be stuck on the OIS40R or replaced by a custom overlay which better describes the application—giving the operator more guidance on operation / data entry.

Standard features include:

  • 20 Character by 4 Line Display
  • 8 Function / Macro Keys
  • Numeric Key Pad for Data Entry
  • 8 User Programmable LEDs
  • Unlimited Screens & Tasks
  • 16 Definable Alarms

OIS Touch Screens

Ethernet Port on OIS120

Use for programming, connection to PLC, or connection to higher level controller. Communicate across the plant or across the country.

Multi Language Capability

Display text information in any Microsoft supported language. Export text file to co-worker in another country so that he can add his language. Then import text into OISeup32 software.

Pop Up Screens & Keypads

Conserve screen space on touch screens by popping up a keypad for data entry. Press a flashing alarm button to display a detailed alarm screen.

Alarm and Event Monitoring

Monitor status of alarms and specific events on one screen.


Touch screens can display process trends graphically for easy interpretation of process/machine history.

Horizontal or Vertical Orientation

Mount the touch screen so that it best fits the application. Screens can be created in either horizontal or vertical format.

Support for Floating Point Data

IEEE format double register data can be attached to any screen object such as bargraphs, meters, etc.

Serial Port Available for Printing Screens and Alarm Data

Send PLC or connected device information to any serial printer.

Low Cost OEM Keypad Models that Require No Programming Software

Use large memory capacity of Toshiba PLC to store messages and perform data entry.

Keypad Overlays Ship Separately on most Keypad Models

Allows OEMs to easily add custom overlay for specific application.

RS232/CMOS to RS422/RS485 Converter

RS232/CMOS to RS422/RS485 Converter converts RS232/CMOS lines to balanced RS422 or RS485 signals. RS232/CMOS to RS422/RS485 converter is available in two models,CNV-01and CNV-02-B.

Power is isolated from communication ports in CNV-01 model, whereas communication ports are not isolated. The converter is a port-powered (line-powered: RXD+RTS+CTS) or externally powered. In case of point to point communication and if the cable length is less than or equal to 2 mtr. at RS232 side, then external power supply is not needed. This unit takes less than 4mA to operate plus load current. Applications which require a large load current, external +24VDC power supply on the terminal strip is required. (NOTE: CMOS signals are not available with CNV-01 model) Both the communication ports as well as power is isolated in CNV-02-B model. This model operates on external 24VDC supply.

The unit has DB9 female connector on RS232/CMOS side and PBT on RS422/RS485 side. RS485 port has 4-wire with signal ground system and can also be made as 2-wire RS232-RS485 converter with signal ground system.


  • Micro Programmable Controller with add-on expansion I/O modules.
  • Large Memory Base
  • High Speed, Easy Programming
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