GE Transformers

Dry Type Vented

  • Ultra Efficient (CSL-3) energy efficient transformer.
  • Ultra Efficient (CSL-3) K-Factor energy efficient transformer.
  • General Purpose (QL Type) transformer meets NEMA TP-1 efficiency standards.
  • K-Factor unit is designed to measure a transformers ability to withstand harmonics content of a system .
  • A Low Noise transformer reduces noise levels and the vibrations within the magnetic steel core have been reduced, when lowering the humming of the transformer to 3dB to 5dB less than NEMA/ANSI standards.
  • Guard I noise isolation transformers provide noise attenuation and transverse mode noise reduction. Guard II noise Isolation transformers provide noise reduction and enhanced levels of transverse mode attenuation for increased protection of sensitive electronic equipment.
  • Guard III Harmonic Mitigating power supplies change AC to DC current for plant floor equipment, computers, copies, copiers, electronic ballasts and generate harmonics that create current waveform. This component helps eliminated harmonic currents and minimize these types of problems, by canceling harmonic currents.
  • Service Center Integral Transformer and Distribution Panel have three quality products transformer, distribution panel and circuit breakers. Which  is used for temporary or permanent installations are available in single-25kVA and three-phase 15-30 kVA.
  • A Drive Isolation Transformer (DIT) is designed to handle mechanical stress, voltage distortions and harmonics associated with SCR applications. These features help protect the transformers from the regenerated duty and more frequent short circuits associated with SCR’s. DIT also helps reduce and filter electrical noise caused by SCR’s.

Dry Type Non-Vented

  • Totally Enclosed, Non-Ventilated (TENV) transformers are recommended for applications where dry-type transformers can benefit from standard enclosure openings are unacceptable, because of adverse atmospheric conditions. TENV is UL listed through 75kVA for indoor or protected outdoor applications.

Dry Type, Encapsulated, Enclosed

  • Single-Phase: .050kVA-3kVA and 5kVA-15kVA- These GE transformer feature encapsulated core and coils in a NEMA 3R non-ventilated weatherproof enclosure.
  • Three-Phase: 3-15kVA-The GE QMS3 transformer features encapsulated core and coils in a NEMA 3R non-ventilated weatherproof enclosure.
  • Buck Boost transformers are convenient an inexpensive method for coupling line voltage with equipment voltage. Primary voltages are 120V, 240V, 480V and secondary voltages are 12V, 16V, 24V, 32V, 48V.

Dry Type, Encapsulated Core & Coil

  • Machine Tool Core & Coil Transformers (Type IP). Component is used to provide voltage to control devices in applications where regulation and minimum space is very important.
  • Control Power Core & Coil (Type IP) Transformer is encapsulated to provide the highest quality of electrical performance.


  • Current, Indoor and Outdoor transformers are for metering and relaying applications and are UL recognized.
  • Voltage, Indoor and Outdoor transformers are for metering and are encapsulated in a polyurethane resin and are UL recognized.

Control Power

  • Control Power Transformers provide medium voltage switchgears.

Bushing Potential Device

  • KA-108 Bushing Potential Device is a safe and reliable transforming component for the operation of instruments and relays from high voltage circuits, 115kV and above.

Secondary Substation

  • Liquid Filled transformer are designed for industrial and commercial applications such as chemical, cement, manufacturing plants, paper or steel mills, school, hospitals or office buildings.
  • Ventilated Dry-Type transformers are designed for indoor or outdoor applications in schools, hospitals, industrial plants, commercial buildings and in places where power is considered.
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