Hammond Manufacturing Industrial Enclosures

1414 Series

Hammond Manufacturing 1414 Series Enclosures offers several different NEMA enclosures including the following:

  • 1414 N4 PH-NEMA 12,13,4 Continuous Hinge, Clamped Cover
  • 1414 N4 Clamped, Lift Off Cover
  • 1414 PH-NEMA 12,13 Continuous Hinge, Clamped Cover
  • 1414 SC-NEMA 12,13 Lift Off, Screw Cover
  • 1414 Series Enclosures-NEMA 12,13 Clamped, Lift Off Cover

These enclosures are designed for instrument enclosures, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic control housings, electrical junction boxes or terminal wiring enclosures. Enclosures provide protection against falling dirt, dust, oil, water and environmental damage.

hammond manufacturing industrial enclosures

1418 Series

Hammond Manufacturing 1418 Series Freestanding Enclosures include the following:

  • 1418 N4-NEMA 4 Single Door
  • 1418 Two Door-NEMA 12 Single or Dual Access
  • 1418 Single Door-NEMA 12 Single or Dual Access.

These enclosures provide a variety of inner panels, rack mounting rails and swing out frames. Enclosures are designed for housing electrical, electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic controls. Each freestanding enclosure has area for panel mounting or rack mounting for equipment. These enclosures all provide protection against harsh environmental weather and may be hosed down or wet for a specific application, in which corrosion may become an issue.

1422 Series

Hammond Manufacturing offers an extensive line of wall and floor mount enclosures. These specific enclosures are designed for housing electrical, electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic controls and instruments. Enclosures provide protection from falling dirt, water, oil and dust.

This series includes the following enclosures:

  • 1422 Two Door Wallmount-NEMA 12 Continuous Hinge
  • 1422 TwobDoor Floormount-NEMA 12 Continuous Hinge
  • 1422 MD Multiple Door-NEMA 12 Continuous Hinge, Padlockable Doors
  • 1422 Two Door Floormount-NEMA 4 Continuous Hinge, Clamped Doors
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