Sprecher + Schuh Control & Timing Relays

CS7 Industrial Control Relays

CS7 General Purpose Industrial Control Relays are compared to the design of Sprecher + Schuh’s CA7 contactor range. These components are designed for heavy duty industrial control applications. CS7 relays are engineered for quick and easy installation and maintenance. All components are modular and snap-on without tools. These relays are DIN-rail mountable so the can be installed, transferred or removed quickly. Relays include fittings for base mounting and terminals are marked and ready for easy, efficient installation. CS7 relays are suitable for fail-safe control circuits and are mechanically linked contacts for safety.

CS8 Industrial Control Relays

The CS8 is a miniature relay system that is built with several advantages. The structure of the device is strong and durable and DIN-rail mountable for instant installation.

Features Include:

  • cULus Listed
  • CE Certified
  • Finger and back of hand protection to meet international standards
  • Auxiliary components all to convert the basic four pole relay up to an 8 pole relay
  • Auxiliary contacts are modular and snap-on

RZ7-FS Electronic Timing Relays

The RZ7-FS precision electronic relays offer up to 19 different output functions which can apply to all types of industrial control. This system is engineered with solid state electronics, controlled by a microprocessor. This component is supplied with one single pole double throw (SPDT) contact within a compact case only 22.5 mm wide. Several relays are available that provide two separate, electrically isolated SPDT contacts within the same narrow footprint if more contacts are needed.

Features Include:

  • AC and DC supply voltages
  • LED indicators for four output status conditions
  • Finger and back of hand protection to IP40
  • Terminals are captive and supplied in the open position
  • All RZ7 timing relays can be surface mounted, rail mounted or mounted directly on the CA7/CS7 or CA4/CS4 devices
  • Mountable in any plane
  • Terminals, setting knob and LED’s are all on the front of the unit for easy access
  • Timing Relays are compact and measure 1” x 3” x 4”
  • Hazardous location timing relays also available

RZ7-FE Electronic Timing Relays

Sprecher + Schuh’s RZ7-FE Electronic Timing Relays offer seven output functions. This series is designed for high quality applications.

Timing Formats Include:

  • ON-Delay
  • Off-Delay
  • Wye-Delta
  • One Shot
  • Symmetric flasher starting with a pulse
  • Impulse Converter
  • Fleeting-Off Delay

All RZ7-FE series timing relays are built with solid state surface mounted electronics. This series provides surge voltage strength, and universal voltage capabilities. The RZ7-FE timing relays operate with multiple supply voltages ranging from 24VAX or DC to 240 VAC. Voltage function reliability is from 15 % under rated operating voltage to 10 % over rated operating voltage (AC). Voltage tolerance is greater in DC applications. The RZ7-FE series provides choices between one normally open contact (NO), or on single pole double throw contact (SPDT). The SPDT can be used either normally open or normally closed. This version has several technical advantages that include shorter impulse duration requirements and a fast recovery time.

Safety Features Include:

  • LED Indicator for output status conditions
  • Finger and back of hand protection IP40
  • Terminals are captive and supplied in the open position
  • Surface mounted, rail mounted and direct mounting for CA7/CS7 devices
  • Mounted to any plane
  • Terminals, setting knob and LED’s are accessible from the front of unit
  • Timing relays are compact and measure 1” x 3” x 3”


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