Eaton Counters, Panel Meters, Tachometers & Timers


Totalizers is one of Eaton’s most common type of counter, it includes mechanical totalizers, electromechanical and electronic totalizers. Totalizers can be used in a wide selection of applications where correct totals are applied to necessary areas. Most totalizers are highly efficient, reliable and durable. Each totalizer can offers specific needs to perform a mechanical function. Count Control and Preset Counter products provide output signals at preset count values, in which Eaton offers a variety of sizes, display types and feature sets. Tachometers and Ratemeters are standard features on totalizers and count control products to monitor and control speed during a process.

Digital Panel Meters

Digital Panel Meters (DPM) are available for a problem during an application. DPM monitors voltage, current, pressure, volume, temperature frequency and other parameters during process.  DPM can accommodate to panel builder’s needs making the process quick and easy.

Timers and Hour Meters

Timers and Hour Meters are used to determine how long a machine has been running in order to schedule a start or stopping point during the process. Timers help make the process more efficient, reliable and safe. Timers and hour meters offer many effective functions and features, and have a variety of power options available for specific process.

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