Toshiba Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Toshiba HV6 Series

The HV6 Series Vacuum Circuit Breaker is designed for medium voltage, low capacity power receiving and transforming facilities. This component features a low surged and compact sized for a wide variety of applications including power centers, portable substations and generator protection.

Toshiba VJB Series

The VJB Series is a medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker, that offers an extended service life expectancy. This product line has a simple maintenance structure and is conventional for easy use. The VJB Series ensures quality safety from fire hazards for the safety of all operations. It is more compact, smaller and lighter compared to other types of breakers. The VJB Series is reliable and durable, and designed for frequent switching operations.

Toshiba VK/HVK Series

  • Complete Line of 5-38kV, to 1500MVA
  • Meets or Exceeds ANSI Standard
  • Compact and Light Weight
  • State of the Art Design, Versatile Features
  • Safety and Quality

Toshiba VZ Series

  • High Current Interrupting Cpability
  • Reduction of Operating Energy
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