Red Lion Controls Panel Meters

Digital panel meters offer AC/DC voltage, current, temperature, process and strain gage. Each component is able to process indication and control. Process variables are scalable to units for applications needed.


red lion panel meters The Model C48 is a Standard Counter or a Batch Counter that has dual presets and a secondary counter with a single preset. The secondary counter can be selected to function as a batch or total counter. This component features a 7 segment, 2 line by 6 digit reflective or backlit LCD display. Offering 9 programmable counting modes for bi-directional, anticoincidence, and quadrature counting applications. DIP switches are used for input configuration set-up and to provide a program Disable function.


red lion digital panel meters Model CUB5 is a miniature Electronic 8-digit dual counter and rate indicator that provides ultimate flexibility. This meter can be programmed to an optional setpoint control and communication capability. Single and dual programs are available with the rate indication capability.

GEMINI 41,42

The Gemini 4100 and 4200 offers a single (4100) or dual (4200) level, dual function Counter and Rate instrument or Dual Counter instrument in one economical priced package. The Gemini 4000 Series is designed for applications where rate and count indication or control of a process is desired or where batching and totalized is a necessity.

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