Carlo Gavazzi Energy & Power Quality Meters

Carlo Gavazzi offers a broad range of energy meters and power quality meters and transducers for monitoring energy consumption as well as problems with power quality.

In addition, with the move towards renewable energy, monitoring of photo-voltaic strings is becoming important in order to maximize generating capacity. Our EOS Array system allows you to monitor the current, voltage, power, temperature, and irradiation levels of your entire solar installation.

In order to interface with external systems, output options include:

  • Relays
  • Analogue
  • RS232
  • RS485
  • Ethernet (Modbus and BacNet)

In addition to our broad range of energy meters and power quality meters, Carlo Gavazzi also offers a number of software products for monitoring of a network of meters and transducers. This allows an at-a-glance viewing of your complete power system.

Eos-Array, Eos Array Lite and Eos- Box

Carlo Gavazzi Energy MetersEos-Array Lite is for photovoltaic, applications, where less control is being needed. EOS-Array Lite is designed to provide immediate string failure detection, the location of failure or if there is an incorrect or missing PV panel connection. This system is developed to provide a specific communication and power supply bus, that allows the other in any needed configuration, therefore simplifying the installation.


Carlo Gavazzi Power Quality MetersThis device is mostly used for metering, for both imported and exported energy, and provide accurate electrical parameter measurements with 0.2 % accuracy (current/voltage) and basic power quality analysis, up to 32nd harmonic. Analyzer’s can provide digital inputs or outputs.

Solar Battery Chargers

Carlo Gavazzi Solar Power ChargersSunbright Solar Battery Charger is designed for using a microcontroller for digital accuracy and fully automatic operation. System can be used for 12V,24V and 48V and can be operated at three major functions. This function can really mange charging in bulks charging stage, PWM absorption, float and equalization.

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