Pepperl + Fuchs Barrier Systems


pepperl fuchs barriers The H-System secures galvanic isolation between the intrinsically safe field signals and secures safe side signals of the control systems.

  • HIC modules and Termination Boards
  • DIN-Rail Mounting
  • Fault Indicating Board


pepperl fuchs k system Barriers  The K-System offers an intrinsic safety interface modules designed for signals, applications, isolators and modules. The K-System also offers a frequency converter with a single channel for pulse. DIN rail power supplies convert a 120VAC or 240VAC input to 24VDC, and can be used with a combination of power feed modules. These combinations provide a versatile, simple way of wiring and reduces wiring costs.

Zener Barriers

pepperl fuchs Zener Barriers  Zener barriers are cost saving and provide Ex-protection for various applications in process automation systems. Zener barriers is DIN-Rail mounted or grounded.

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